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Women and Children Haircuts

Haircuts are a personal, whether you would like a trim off the ends to major hair makeover. All haircuts for Men,Women, and Children are customized to each indivials personality. What sets us apart, is we listen to our guest wants, needs and desires. We always include a hair wash scalp massage to relax and finish with a beautiful style ou

Men's Hair Care and Grooming

We offer a variety of shmen’s haircuts. Whether you are looking for a military haircut or trendy new look. Men’s haircuts is a specialty in our shop. We cut, hair wash and style each guest

Styles and Special Occasion's

    Blowouts and style outs are great way to relax , whether it's on your lunch hour or a night on the town, take 30 minutes out of your day and let the professionals give you an out of this world style out.

    Wedding day or other special occasions we have you covered to give the ultimate glamour look for your special day. From formal to trendy updos, we will fulfill your desired look .

Color Services and more

100% customized color for all our guests. Whether you want to add Shine, dimension, muli tones, coverage or fun funky colors. You dream it we achieve it.

Conditioning Treatments

Hair can get dried out and damaged from the use of heat styling tools, colors, chemical straighteners, exposure to the sun and cold air. Every once in awhile it's a good idea to restore your hair's moisture and body with a good deep conditioning treatment


The ULTIMATE TREATMENT is a 3-step customized healing service that restores maximum health and shine to the hair. It is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with other in-salon services to dramatically improve cutting, color and perm results. This professional service takes only 5-10 minutes and the results are instant and long-lasting


The only professional service that heals critically damaged hair

•   L’ANZA’s most potent hair healing system

•   Restores hair’s integrity with improved:

•   Strength

•   Resiliency

•   Smoothness

•   Shine

Ideal for Critically Damaged Hair Caused By:

•   HARSH CHEMICALS: poor quality color, bleach, perms, relaxers, straighteners

•   ENVIRONMENTAL AGGRESSORS: pollution, ozone, wind

•   UV/INFRARED RAYS: sun, styling tools

•   MECHANICAL STRESS: combing, brushing, towel-drying

•   EXCESSIVE HEAT/THERMAL TRAUMA: flat irons, curling irons, dryers


Thermal Therapy (Part A) – Self-Assembling Peptides compose a scaffold, which creates a framework within damaged hair tissue. Heat provides the energy necessary to activate the scaffold formation throughout the hair. Once the scaffold has been built, the final healing components in Cream Cure (Part B) have a platform where they can organize & attach.

Cream Cure (Part B) – Cream Cure is the second & final step in restoring damaged hair. It is comprised of curative components that include Next Generation Keratin & Phyto IV Complex. These healing materials attach to the scaffold constructed by Part A. By rebuilding the anatomy of the hair, it is restored back to the strength, integrity & resiliency of optimal health.

Waxing Services

We offer facial waxing.


* Lip



We don't offer nails services, however just 5 short steps across the hall is VN Nails. Tony and Gina can take great care of all you manicure, acrylics, pedicures and gel nail needs. Give them a call today 719-539-8656

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