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We Proudly Use L'ANZA, From care to color, L’ANZA heals, seals, and protects hair

L’ANZA uses the latest technology available to deliver the strongest, healthiest hair. L’ANZA was introduced to the professional Haircare industry in 1985. It was the first major brand of Haircare to address individual hair needs through collections of formulas designed to treat hair and achieve therapeutic results. The proprietary formulations were designed around a revolutionary breakthrough – the Keratin Bond System (KBS). This protein delivery system uses an exact ratio of hydrolyzed keratin amino acids from human hair, vital minerals and herbal extracts, giving the hair unprecedented luster and manageability. With Keratin Bond technology, the inner structure of the hair was dramatically strengthened to make it look and feel stronger, softer, and remarkably healthy.

We love L'ANZA because we cherish our envirment, our youth ,our guests and our self.

*No harsh chemicals

*Color line Made out of flowers

*No harsh scents

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